iPhone XR

James S January 6, 2020
iPhone XR

An iPhone made by Apple has become representative of the best of what smartphones have to offer. Along with the technological features comes a high price tag for most iPhones, the iPhone XR is Apple's attempt to offer a phone that is lower-priced than its high-end models. The XR makes iPhone technology available to more people by being more affordable. But this phone actually has some features that are superior to even the higher priced iPhones. The iPhone XR also has a sleek and stylish design that will make it a trendy thing to have in your pocket without breaking the bank. Owning this phone gives you a high-powered mobile device in the palm of your hand. Continue reading for more information if you are considering buying the iPhone XR.

One of the most striking things about the iPhone XR is the screen. The display is 6.1 inches, making it one of the larger phones on the market. Functionally, the screen seems even bigger, since the actual screen takes up almost the entire front of the phone with little wasted space on the border. What makes the iPhone XR unique among iPhones is that fact that it uses an LCD display as opposed to an OLED. As far as LCD displays go, the iPhone XR breaks new ground with its Liquid Retina display. This reduces some of the inherent superiority that an OLED would normally have over an LCD display. The all-glass phone also gives this device a novel look. The glass is durable and is surrounded by an aerospace-grade aluminum frame. The iPhone XR uses the swipe-based navigation system and it does not have buttons on the screen.

Where this phone really excels is with its battery. The iPhone XR has a superior battery life to many other Apple models and can be used for an entire day without needing more charge. At the same time, using this phone does not quickly drain the battery life. In addition, this phone can be charged wirelessly to power up quickly and efficiently. While this phone has a single-lens rear camera, it has been named as the best camera in this class by DxOMark. It operates particular well when there is not much light and performs comparably to dual-lens cameras. Finally, the lower cost does not mean that this phone sacrifices on performance in any way. It has virtually the same processing power as the higher-end Apple phones.

While most new iPhone models cost around $1000, the iPhone XR starts at $749. The base model comes with 64 GB of storage. There are also 128 and 256 GB options available for $799 and $849 respectively. While these are the prices if you buy directly from Apple, there are ways to shop around to save some money on this phone. This amount can be pro-rated over 24 months if you are purchasing this iPhone in conjunction with one of the major wireless carriers. AT&T runs specials where you can buy a second iPhone XR at a significant discount. If you are purchasing this phone from Best Buy or from T-Mobile, they will give you a discount if you are trading in an old iPhone. You can also search online and find this phone available on eBay, often for cheaper than Apple's list price.

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