Home Soda Maker Deals

James S January 23, 2020
Home Soda Maker Deals

Forget those toxic soda cans and bottles! Enjoy fresh, natural soda straight from the tap in the comfort of your own home. Home soda makers provide refreshing beverages with more fizz than the typical soda you'd find at the grocery store. Soda makers are better for the environment, since they limit plastic bottle use, and they are also better for your health since they limit your exposure to toxic plastics. Even cans are lined with plastic that can leach into your soda with potentially harmful effects. But soda makers like SodaStream use reusable plastic bottles with far fewer chemicals. Additionally, soda makers usually use far less sugar and less sodium because the soda does not need to be preserved for a longer shelf-life.

Moreover, home soda makers are just plain fun. You and your family will love preparing your favorite sodas as you prefer them. You can control fizz levels and choose what flavors you like best. They can also save you a lot of money, especially if you are a family that drinks a lot of soda. However, buying the machine itself and the accessories you will need can be a bit pricey. Luckily, there are some great deals that can help you save on these initial costs. Read on to learn about the best home soda makers and where you can get some fantastic deals on one.

SodaStream is one of the most recognized names in home soda makers. SodaStream offers a wide range of soda flavors that are hard to come by at your local store. In addition to sodas, you can use your SodaStream to make soda water or turn a white wine into a sparkling wine. Right now, you can save 20% on your SodaStream, as well as any bottles, gas cylinders or syrups you'd like to buy, at the official SodaStream website. All you have to do is enter your email address. On top of this, you can save $12 on the Hydration Pack that includes the soda maker, a carbonating cylinder, three 1L bottles, two half-liter bottles and lemon drops. Get all of it for $119.99. Or you can get all those extras with the One Touch Electric SodaStream for $149.99. Flavor packs are available for as low as $23.99. All items ship free.

While SodaStream is great for the whole family, sometimes adults need a little something for themselves. Keurig is well known for their single-serve coffee machines that can make a cup in no time, but now they are ready to bring you carbonated cocktails at home with their Drinkworks machine. The Drinkmaker uses an on-board CO2 cartridge system that uses just the right amount of carbonation for the drink you are preparing. A single cartridge can produce about 15 carbonated drinks. Of course not all drinks are carbonated, so you won't need to use the CO2 every time.

The Keurig Drinkmaker is normally $299 but by purchasing it from Office Depot you can save 15% via a digital coupon delivered to your email. You can also save $50 on your purchase by applying for the Business Credit Account. By purchasing the Drinkmaker from Best Buy, you'll have the option to pay $50 per month for six months. Otherwise, you can purchase the Drinkmaker at the Drinkworks website and also choose your preferred cocktail pods. Each pack of four is just $16.

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