Healthy Snack Recipes

James S January 6, 2020
Healthy Snack Recipes

Healthy snack recipes are essential for both kids and adults. Incorporating snacking throughout the day can help individuals supplement their diets while calming hunger pangs. Finding healthy snacks when you need to nosh can help kids and adults be satisfied without sacrificing necessary nutrition. Most processed snack foods are loaded with sugar and fat, making it more important than ever to have healthy snack recipes within easy reach. Many healthy snack recipes combine different types of food for added nutrients, such as eating apples and peanut butter together or mixing fruits and vegetables into a refreshing smoothie. This allows snackers of all ages to use whole foods to create satisfying and nutritious mini-meals. In addition, using recipes to create healthy snacks prevents snackers from overeating, eliminating processed snacks that come in large containers. Individuals who make their own healthy alternatives can easily control their portion sizes. The top three places to find healthy snack recipes include, Food Network, and Cooking Light. is one of the best websites individuals use to find healthy snack recipes. Based on the magazine called Allrecipes, this website offers a wide range of recipes to choose from, including heart-healthy, gluten-free, diabetic, vegetarian, and quick & easy. Users can create a profile that details their likes, dislikes, dietary needs, and interests. Similar to social media sites, users have “feeds” that are updated with entries based on what they may like. Users can also save their favorite recipes to their profiles for ease of use - no more need to search for that one favorite recipe! Searching for healthy snack recipes is quick and easy on this site. Foodies can search by interest or ingredient to find the perfect recipe for their needs, including veggie chips, smoothies, and quick, filling wraps.

Food Network is a popular website that helps foodies snack smarter with healthy recipes from their favorite chef TV personalities. Users can explore the network’s shows, chefs, restaurants, videos, and recipes. This site has an extensive section for healthy recipes, including weeknight dinners, recipes that can be made in 40 minutes or less, and healthy snack recipes. Users can create their own online recipe boxes to save favorite foods, creating grocery lists based on the recipes they save. Popular healthy snack recipes on the Food Network site include homemade oatmeal bars, spicy hummus dishes, and fruit combined with surprising ingredients. Users can take advantage of the Food Network social media presence to connect with like-minded foodies.

Cooking Light is based on the magazine of the same name, with tons of helpful information for those who want to maintain healthier eating habits. In addition to healthy snack recipes, Cooking Light covers nutrition, the latest health news, and gluten free recipes and other dietary needs. There’s a special recipe finder, along with a “quick and healthy” section for users to find the perfect recipes for their needs. The search function is easy to use, allowing individuals to search for general healthy snack recipes or specific recipes. Popular healthy snack recipes on Cooking Light include frozen yogurt blueberry bites, healthy popcorn balls, sweet potato tots, and crispy and spicy snack mix. The snack recipes on this site are definitely different and fun, keeping users from getting into a snacking rut.

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