Winterizing Your Home

Author 07.17.15

When living in a place that is cold for only part of the year, it is important to winterize and summarize your home. Winterizing your home is working to keep it in great shape and prepare it for winter. Temperatures drop and the cold and blustery wind can take its toll on a home. So, it is important to protect it. Also, rain and snow can affect the roof and siding as well as create drafts. As a result, a few months before winter truly hits, it is important to perform the winterizing process. The first thing to do in the winterizing process is to prepare a furnace inspection. By calling a professional to inspect the furnace area and to clean any air ducts and outlets, you can rest assured that such a difficult job has been done correctly. Then, stock up on all furnace products that will be used throughout the season, so you do not run out and have to wait to order more. Then, check the functionality of your thermostat and make sure it is in working condition. Bleed any valves associated with a hot water radiator as well. Finally, remove flammable items from furnace area for the season.

Next, inspect all of the doors and windows within the house. Look for crevice cracks and exposed points. If there are any, caulk or seal them to prevent drafts. Weather stripping can also be used for larger cracks or gouges in the frames of these items. Also, any windows that are cracked or broken should be replaced before the weather turns cold. Finally, cover basement windows with plastic to prevent snow damage and replace summer screens with more durable ones for the wind storms.

Finally, perform and outdoor inspection as well. Think of adding extra roof insulation to support it and protect it from getting too cold. Also, check all seals to ensure water is kept outside of the home. If any shingles and tiles are worn on the roof, replace them. Furthermore, clean out any gutters and downspouts before the winter season. Furthermore, take care of all outdoor appliances and machines. Drain the gas from boats, four wheelers, lawn mowers, and any other outdoor work piece. The machines that should be used during the winter, such as snow blowers and plows for trucks and quads should be tuned up and inspected. Finally, replace worn snow shovels and buy salt for the driveway before winter truly hits.

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