Surviving Unemployment

Author 07.17.15

Keeping the bills paid, rent covered, and food on the table can be difficult even in the best of times when employed, let alone when unemployed. Money becomes tight and saving accounts quickly become drained. It is important to not become discouraged when unemployed, but after receiving no calls back from employers and facing rejection time and time again, it can be difficult to keep going. There are a few traps to avoid in surviving unemployment. First and foremost begin cutting luxuries out of your budget almost immediately and cut expenses down to only what you need until you can get a job again. Do not just look for your ideal jobs or permanent jobs, temporary jobs are worth taking too. Whatever you do, do not just absolutely give up and take a few months off when you cannot afford to. Finally, never be too proud to admit that you need help.

Luxuries are sometimes hard to live without but can making living while unemployed entirely impossible. It is not worth it to buy expensive brand names and to eat out when you are setting up a budget for yourself. You may still enjoy things and relax but you should look towards cheaper alternatives such as movies or hiking as opposed to going out to a bar or club. Avoid driving around when you can to save on gas money and maybe make arrangements to share meals with neighbors or friends to cut down on food costs. Make sure that the money you do have can stretch for a few months.

Many people take losing their job as an opportunity to find the work of their dreams and will become picky about what they take or only take jobs that they can settle down into right away. This is a bad idea as you do not know when a permanent position to your liking or skills will become open and you are losing valuable connections by avoiding temporary jobs. Temporary jobs can become permanent jobs in time and at the very least they do pay you something. Losing job status and decent salaries can be a pain when you are taking up temporary employment but remember that you are not ending your job hunt. Instead of settling into the first thing that you find, a temporary position or less than desirable permanent position will give you more time to find the job of your choice. Getting to know people at your work place can also help you get your foot in the door for other employment opportunities. A big part of job hunting is who you know.

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