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Author 07.17.15

In today's tech savvy society where it seems everyone is a technophile smart phones have ingrained themselves into every aspect of our lives. The smartphone of today acts as a technology driven modern day Swiss army knife. There seems to be nothing that a smartphone can't do these days. Smartphones act as our camera as many smartphones have built in cameras. Smartphones are capable of running applications that allow you to manage your finances, connect with others through social networks, and surf the internet. They have essentially become pocket sized computers that happen to make phone calls.

The smartphone market is dominated by a few companies. The most popular smartphone on the market is Apple's iPhone device that runs on the iOS mobile operating system. When it first came onto the scene in 2007 it quickly revolutionized the smartphone market. With it's simple and elegant design it quickly became widely adopted as the most popular smartphone on the market. Each iteration of the iPhone has improved on the design and has become better than the next. In 2008 smartphones began to appear that ran on Google's Android mobile operating system. Smartphones made by mobile makers such as Samsung, Motorola, and HTC run on the Android operating system. Smartphones running on the Android operating system are second only to the iPhone in popularity. The granddaddy of the smartphone industry is Research In Motions Blackberry line of smart phones. The Blackberry was widely adopted by businessmen and was the smartphone of choice for corporate America. Today they have recently lost tremendous market share to iPhone and Android devices.

New smartphones are coming out every year. For technophiles who need to have the latest and newest device keeping up with the Joneses can be very expensive. New smartphones that come on to the market bring new features that make life easier or at the very least impress your technophile friends. Apple recently released the iPhone 4S to improve on their line of popular iPhone smartphones. The iPhone software came with a personal assistant function called Siri. Using voice recognition you'd be able to talk to Siri directly and receive relevant answers. Apple revolutionized the smartphone and now today just about every smartphone on the market resembles the iPhone in some fashion. Maybe we can expect all new smartphones to follow the iPhone's lead. If the past is any indication of the future we won't be talking with our smartphone, but we'll be talking to our smartphone.

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