Horse Barn Kits

Author 07.17.15

Do you love your horse? If you're an equine owner, then you know the answer to that question. You want to treat your horse right, and that means having a great horse barn for your prized animal to live. Unfortunately, high-quality horse barns can be very expensive. If you hire a contractor to build a barn for your horses, you could be looking at a six-digit bill by the time the work is finished. The cost of owning a horse is already high enough with tack, feed and other expenses. Many people just can't afford the cost of getting a custom-built horse barn.

That's where horse barn kits come in. Also known as prefab horse barns, these kits are perfect for people with limited budgets and just one or two horses. Rather than hire a contractor to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a project that could take months, people can order prefabricated barns that can be completely assembled in less than a few days. The key is these kits are shipped with the barns already assembled in two or more pieces, with minimal steps remaining to construct entire barns. Once finished, it's very difficult to tell the difference between a barn made from a kit and one made from scratch. Your horse certainly won't know the difference, as these barns contain everything your horse needs to be happy and comfortable.

There are three main types of prefab horse barns: run-in sheds, shed row barns and modular barns. Run-in sheds are usually the least-expensive options; they are horizontal barns with two garage-like pens separated by a shoulder-height wall. A great benefit of run-in sheds is they make great storage areas for hay, tack and other equipment when not in use by horses. Shedrow barns are also built to be very horizontal, but they have closing doors with windows that swing open, whereas the run-in sheds are always open. Modular prefab barns look much more like traditional horse barns, with large sliding doors and multiple interior pens. Modular barns contain enough room inside for hay, and most also contain loft space where tools and supplies can be stored. Even better is that the most expensive horse barn kits are usually at least 30 percent cheaper than the average custom-built barns.

Horse barns built from kits don't lack style, either. Many horse barn kits ship with an abundance of built-in features, or additional features can be added a la carte. You can order a barn with kickboards, stall partitions, finished stalls, decorative windows, flowerboxes, skylights and more. Additional rooms can be added to some barns, providing dedicated space for storage and feed. Horse barn kits can be ordered in a multitude of colors, allowing your barn to fit in with other structures on your property. If you desire to build a better home for your equine friend, then a prefab horse barn may be your best bet.

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