Getting Your Car Road Trip Worthy

Author 07.17.15

In order to make any vacation a successful one, it is always important to first ensure the means of transportation. If one plans on going to a Caribbean island, this may often be as simple as buying a plane ticket and driving to the specified airport. However, it may not often be as simple, and the more one needs to use their own mode of transportation to the more uncertain things become. Even in the case of taking a plane, making sure one gets to the airport on time is just as crucial, and these places may often be a long way away from one's place of residence. Additionally, one can not often rely on public transportation, especially in the suburban areas, making the use of their vehicles absolutely necessary. Therefore, whether one is only using their own car to get to an airport that is about an hour away, or one is planning to take a longer road-trip, making sure their automobile is in good condition and can handle the trip is very important, and proper inspection should always be performed.

When trying to get one's car ready for a road-trip there are several things every owner should do. First, the simple and required maintenance work, such as changing the oil and checking the rest of the fluids, should always be performed. While the current reading on the odometer may not necessitate it, it is always important to think of the miles one will add during the trip itself, where one might not get the chance to perform the necessary work. Therefore, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry, and one should take care of these things in advance. Second, one should always consider having their car undergo a safety inspection, especially if it has been a long time since the last time it was performed on the vehicle. Additionally, if any repairs may need to be performed, if one tries to do these only a few days before the trip, or worse during the trip itself, the costs can be much higher than if one has ample time to perform them.

Another important factor when trying to get one's car ready for a road-trip is to always plan for the worst. What this means is that, one should not take chances with any pieces of equipment or parts, hoping that they will be sufficient and the car will survive the ordeal. As Murphy's Law suggests, if anything can go wrong, it most likely will, and if it happens on a road trip, hundreds of miles away from home, the consequences can be far worse. Therefore, if anything needs replacing, it might be a great idea to do it before the trip. Additionally, one should always make sure they have a spare tire, as well as a jack and a tire iron in their trunk. Getting a flat tire while on the road is a universally unpleasant experience, and not having a spare or the necessary tools needed to quickly change it, will only make it even worse.

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