Decorative Guest Towels

Author 07.17.15

Whether you have a dedicated guest bathroom or want to spruce up your main bathroom before guests arrive, decorative guest towels can add a touch of elegance to a bathroom and pull the whole look together. Unlike everyday bath and hand towels, decorative guest towels are designed with decor in mind. No one wants their guests drying their hands on the frayed, faded towels that occupy the linen closet, and guest towels are a great way to combine style with functionality. Just remember not to blot your toothpaste-covered mouth with one before the guests arrive!

When looking for decorative guest towels for your bathroom, you'll want to consider the current decor in your bathroom. Years ago, people commonly bought matching everything for their bathrooms. Shower curtains, shower curtain hooks, bath mats, toilet seat covers, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and yes, decorative guest towels were all themed and coordinated perfectly with the same flower, artistic or aquatic motif. These days, however, most people stick to the notion that coordination is more important than matching. That means instead of buying every piece of bathroom decor you can find in the same cherry blossom pattern, you'll be better off buying one or two patterned pieces (say, a shower curtain or bath mat), and buying any other accessories in coordinating colors. This includes decorative guest towels. The upside to the less-matching, more-coordinating trend is that you're no longer limited when looking for the perfect set of decorative guest towels, and you may even buy several sets in various colors that complement your bathroom's theme. Even better, you can mix-and-match the colors you use on your towel rack, for a more modern, classy look.

Like anything, decorative guest towels come in various styles and price ranges. To find cheaper, quality decorative towels, your best bet will be shopping online. The drawback to purchasing your towels online, however, is that it can be difficult to accurately coordinate colors when you aren't sure whether the color you see on your screen is accurate. Try visiting a local department store to find towels that match your current decor and note the brand and colors, then do an online search to find the best deal on the towels. Big box stores and linen sales at department stores are also great options for finding decorative guest towels without spending a fortune. Once you do find the perfect set of towels at a great price, consider purchasing at least two sets, if not three, so you aren't left with half a set when someone decides to use one of your guest towels to wipe engine grease off his hands one day!

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