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Author 07.17.15

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau 71% of U.S. households have internet service. This is up from 19% in 1997, 50% in 2001, and 62% in 2007. The data would back up the claim that every year the internet is increasingly becoming more ingrained into the lifestyle of the average American. So many aspects of our lives depend on internet access these days. We manage our finances online, we connect with our friends through social networks online, and we use the internet as an entertainment source to watch videos and listen to music online.

For home internet users there are three different type of internet connections to choose from. Each one with its own benefits and flaws. Digital Subscriber Link (DSL) is the most common connection in the United States. This type of connection uses your phone line and a special modem to connect to the internet. Unlike a dial up connection though it doesn't interfere with the telephone line. The average cost for DSL service ranges from $15 to $20. Another type of home internet connection is through a satellite connection. A Satellite connection requires either the lease or purchase of a small satellite dish. Because of the high initial cost of the hardware to connect with a satellite connection getting a DSL connection would be more economical. Satellite connections are popular in rural areas where a DLS connection isn't an option due to coverage limitations. Another option is getting a home internet connection through your cable company. A home internet connection through your cable company uses the existing cable outlets to connect to the internet. This is a popular option for families whose home already has a cable TV connection. The average cost for accessing the internet with a cable company is around $45.

Once you've decided how you'd like to connect to the internet your next step is to shop around for the best home internet deal. There are several things you can do to get the best home internet deal. If you already have a cable TV provider the first thing you can do is see if they bundle their services. If you bundle your cable TV, home phone, and internet services together they'll offer you a discounted bundled rate that would be cheaper than getting the services individually. Another thing you can do to get the best home internet deal is to shop around. Ask your friends about their home internet provider and use the internet as a resource to find some deals.

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